Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte

The Pipa is situated south of the coast of Rio Grande do Norte is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Its natural beauty is known internationally. The Bay of Dolphins, the Chapadão and cliffs make up a scene that enchants all who come here. Situated in the biggest ecological sanctuary in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, fishing village keeping the fishing tradition, Pipa has emerged as one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast brasileiro.Entre pockets of rainforest and a string of unspoilt beaches.

Pipa surprised by its lush beauty, characterized by colorful cliff and pools. With an infrastructure full of charm and comfort, having choices like the Hotel Pousada CostaSol Pipa / RN, shops and restaurants with diversified internationally. The day starts early with beaches for surf lovers, boating, swim with dolphins, turtles and hiking the trails of the forest atlântica.O sunset is a spectacle to the, where the sky gets to play with the colors and the romantic moonrise can be enjoyed from the top of the dunes silvering the sea.

You just come in “point” of the Brazilian northeast coast. Here is peace, enjoyment, beautiful people and very, much contact with nature. House of dolphins and sea turtles Pipa beach belongs to the municipality of Tibau do Sul, Indian name meaning "between two waters" (since it is surrounded by Guaraíras Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean).

I come confer this Paradise!!!